The Greek Market has a walk-in cooler full of fresh chicken souvlaki ready to cook, everyday! Ask us when you come in.

What we do best is make authentic Greek cuisine from scratch - and we do it daily!


A complete line-up of starters and dips, perfect with dinners, office or cocktail parties.


  • Spanakopita* spinach and feta fillo pastry
  • Tiropita* 3 cheese fillo pastry
  • Roasted vegetables in a fillo wrap* eggplant, zucchini, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, feta
  • Baked Brie* in fillo with exotic preserves
    (available in small, medium or large)


  • Dolmadakia stuffed grape vine leaves, rice
  • Spanakopitakia* spinach and feta in fillo triangles
  • Tiropitakia* 3 cheeses in fillo triangles
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls*
  • Chicken Spring Rolls
  • Keftedakia Greek meatballs with mint


  • Tzatziki yogurt, garlic, cucumber
  • Hummus chick pea with tahini, garlic
  • Taramasalata red caviar spread
  • Eggplant dip eggplant, garlic, roasted red pepper
  • Red pepper & feta dip* roasted red pepper, feta, herbs
  • Skordallia garlic dip
  • Antipasto vegetables, olives, tuna, spices
  • Artichoke & pine nut dip* artichokes, pine nuts,
    sour cream, cheese
A great selection of pita breads, lavash and an extensive assorted olive bar.